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Downham Market by Design Origins and Objectives banner

The group's founder members met and worked together during a project to produce a Town Design Statement (TDS) for Downham Market.

This project - called Downham Market by Design - was initiated by Downham Market Town Council in 2005. It was a response to the extent of new building in and around the town and it set out to document the character of the town's built environment. The aim was to provide support for local planning guidance that could protect and enhance local distinctiveness. Documentation of the work done was published by the town council in 2007 and planning guidelines are being drafted during 2008.

Although the project was overseen by the town council, the work was done through a series of public meetings and workshops, by a number of local working groups, and through a public exhibition and survey. We enjoyed meeting and working with one another and other townspeople during this process.
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Our concerns about Downham Market and our interest in its future are much wider than planning issues alone. A few of us have therefore joined together to keep the momentum generated by the Town Design Statement project going. Our group has a
Constitution that affirms our wish to influence the future sustainability of the town by stimulating debate and participating in consultations by policy-makers.

Our objectives are similar to those of Civic Societies in many towns across the country and, along with Downham Market and District Heritage Society, we are working towards this status for a new combined group in Downham Market.

current version of the Town Design Statement is available for downloading from the Downham Market Town Council's Web site.


Members of the Team at Downham Market Festival

Publicising the Town Design Statement project
at the Downham Market Festival

Members of the Team in the Shopping Centre

Discussing planning concerns in the shopping centre

Put yourself on the map - ensuring representation

Public consultation included an exhibition and survey


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