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Working groups are set up to focus on topics of special interest - topics that have been raised and generated enthusiasm at a general meeting. Working groups can be open to new members and may meet regularly and indefinitely, or may be limited with a specific task to do before they disband.

Examples of our working groups:

Planning and Local Distinctiveness

This group meets approximately monthly and is open to new members.  It:

4  helps all members to understand the planning process;

4  monitors planning applications affecting Downham Market, discussing selected applications, attending Development Control Board or Appeal meetings, and making comments when appropriate;

4  promotes and deploys the current edition of the Town Design Statement;

4  provides feedback on the Town Design Statement to the Town Council.

Local Development Framework

This group was set up to engage with the process led by the Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk that will produce a  planning policy shaping Downham Market's future to 2021.

The group held a public workshop and carried out a survey - both of which have been documented in reports submitted to the Borough Council. The group has now been disbanded. The reports produced were:

4 cover letter to the LDF team (February 2008);

4 report on the workshop held November 2007;

4 report on the survey carried out January 2008.

Boosting the Town Centre Economy

Our general meeting  in June 2008 discussed the town centre's economy and identified a number of ideas for increasing visitors and retail activity.


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